Published by Lustrum Press ,New York City/1984. Library of Congress “83-82951, ISBN 0-912819-42-4

Roberta. Out of “Palm Beach News”, Basel, 1975.

India. Benares, 1979.

Delirium. Dublin, 1973.

Klaus Kinski in Fitzcarraldo. Camisea, 1981.

The Pre-Movie. Iquitos, 1981. Starring Mick Jaegger and Jason Robards.

Erich, mein Lieber. Rica/Erich von Strohheim
Sunset Boulevard/Basel, 1975.

I told You guys, our search for perfection has to go on! Paris, 1974.

Marylin on Ice. Basel, 1980.

The old Man. Lipari, 1974.

On the Waterfront. Basel, 1980.

Another time Another place. France, 1973.