After Issue No. 2, “Exclusive Fashion Photography in Paris“ expectations were running high. „The Village Cry“ got good press and ads picked up. Collaborators became many, 10‘000 copies were printed and distributed throughout Europe

The Village Cry“ No. 3 was dedicated to architecture in collaboration with Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.


Beat Presser

Rolf Paltzer

Art Directors
Beat Presser, Rolf Paltzer

Technical Adviser
Ruedi Knoepfli

10‘000 copies, 52 pages, black/white
size 28,5 x 40 cm on glossy paper
published in Basel, Switzerland
March/April 1977

„Paris is coming to the Village“ Photography by Knut Bry, Paris

„Urschrei“, newspaper article on „The Village Cry“ published by the „Basler Nachrichten“, January 1977

Collage studies by the architect Werner Blaser with transparent fabric from Helen Blaser. From Werner Blaser‘s „Structure and Texture“, Scherpe Verlag, Krefeld (1976)

Collage studies by TVC including the sentence „Paris is coming to the Village“ and a haircut by John Sahag, Paris.

Article on „Rational Architecture and its historic reference“ by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron.

Collage with three Ready-Mades „Fresh Widow“ (Marcel Duchamp, 1920), Loos-house (1910) Manhattan- Island, Herzog & de Meuron, 1977.

5. „Satanik“ by Max Bunker + Editoriale Corno s.r.l

6. Lou Reed (1974) Photography: Francois Lagarde

7. Six Cold Colled Steel Boxes, Donald Judd. 1969, Kunstmuseum Basel

8.Sanazzaro de Burgundi, Aldo Rossi

9. Bill-Ding-Board National Football Hall, Robert Venturi, 1967.

„Der Wolkenbügel“ by El Lissitzky (1924)

Project for the Kunstmuseum Basel by Paul Artaria and H. Schmidt (1929)

Realized project by P. Christ & Büchi and P. Bonatz (1929-1936)

Composition with photographs by Doris Quarella (1968)

Guide how to cut out and how to build your own Museum.
Museum designed by Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron.

The Swedish top model Carry photographed by Lothar Schmid for „The Village Cry“

Woolworth Building, New York.

Architect: Cass Gilbert. Completed 1913.

Photography by Georg Stärk

Brooklyn Bridge (1867-1883)

Architects: John Roebling and Washington A.

Photography: Georg Stärk

World Trade Center, built 1967 – 1973
Architect: Minoru Yamasaki
Photography: Henry Boker

Collage study by Ruedi Knoepfli