The idea that our planet might not be the only one in this universe inhabited and the possibility that we are receiving visits from outer space either constantly or sporadically was a fascinating thought! Therefore „The Village Cry“ made an excursion into the unknown. Issue No. 5 dealt with the phenomena of the U.F.O. mystery and showed lots of unpublished photographs of Unidentified Flying Objects and other mysteries.


Beat Presser

Rolf Paltzer

Art Directors
Beat Presser, Rolf Paltzer

Technical Adviser
Ruedi Knoepfli

Drawing realised by M. Hal Crawfort from the International U.F.O. Office in Oklahoma City

5000 copies, 36 pages, black/white
size 28,5 x 40 cm on glossy paper
published in Basel, Switzerland
Summer 1977

U.F.O., seen by John Thornton, London

U.F.O., seen and photographed on July 30th 1952 by Giampierro Monguzzi. Photograph of a strange and mysterious incident that took place in the Valenco Valley in France on 30th of July in 1952.
Left the „flying saucer“, right a figure in a space suit. Both of unknown origin.

Most of the photographs in this issue of „The Village Cry“ were provided by Mrs Lou Zinsstag, from Basel, Switzerland. She had been collecting material on the subject of U.F.O.‘s for over thirty years which enabled her to put together an unique portfolio of amazing and astonishing photographs and texts. Many of them were published in this issue for the first time ever.

More photographs taken by Giampierro Monguzzi with a detailed description of the incident of July 30th 1952.

2001, Future of Mankind

The traditional notion of time is no longer valid. time and space have been overcome. trips into the past and future. the forms of energy that we use today are obsolete. energy will be extracted from the atmosphere. light and heat equal energy. matter is transformed into energy. conventional ways of transportaion have become superfluous. mankind dominates graviation. the antigravitation machine has been invented. our spaceships produce their own fields of graviation and thereby overcome distance. interstellar travels are possible. trips to foreign solar systems are common. contact with extraterrestial civilisations takes place. visits from outer space. materialization and dematerialization can be optained. a higher level of ethical maturity has been reached. a mutation of our consciousness has taken place. cosmic self-knowledge guides our thinking.

On this double page, „The Village Cry“ – team designed a few ideas what our future could look like. It was compared with the visions of Jules Verne, man‘s first step on the moon and other futuristic ideas.

Collection of different sightings of U.F.O.`s photographed in the 50-ties, 60-ties, 70-ties throughout the world. Most of them could never be explained.

Collection Lou Zinsstag, Basel. Emile Gits and Jordi Garcia.

„The Village Cry“ went to different libraries, did a research on „Flying Objects through the Ages“ and found some amazing evidence of the unexplainable.

Unidentified flying objects in Australia, Peru, Brazil and South Africa.
Collection: Lou Zinsstag, Basel

„The Village Cry“ not only worldwide…
…now also spacewide!

Flying saucer photographed at 9am on December 13th 1952 at Palomar Gardens, California by George Adamski through his six-inch telescope.

Is the Outer Space watching the Inner Space?
Photography: Joan Fontcuberta

„Paths diverge in order to cross fields of high tension…“ Taking this and other philosophical as well as political thoughts into consideration the French chess expert Pierre-Eric Spinnler had developed YALTA, a new chess game, chess for three. Rolf Paltzer and Beat Presser, both good chess players at the time, liked this new approach and thought it would fit well into this issue.

„No one would have believed, in the last years of the twentieth century, that human affairs were being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater that man‘s and as mortal as his own…“ H.G. Wells

„City at Night“

Painting by Paul Roberts, courtesy of Nicolas Treadwell Gallery London

„And we men, the creatures who inhabit this earth, must be to them at least as alien and lowly, as are the monkeys and lemurs to us. The intellectual side of man already admits that life is an incessant struggle for existence“ H.G. Wells

„Breaking and Entering“.

Painting by Paul Roberts, courtesy of Nicolas Treadwell Gallery London