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Endless and fruitless discussions over the question: „Is Photography Art?“ have not helped to improve the situation. For reproduction and as a document: Yes! But as an Art?

The Village Cry had no doubts: Photography was an Art, ever since it was invented in the early 19th century! But the focus of this issue No.7 was rather directed torwards the question how other Arts had inspired photography and photographers. Whether it was Abstract Art, Bauhaus, Surrealisme, Expressionism, Dadaisme, Constructivism or other forms of Art.

And once again Photographers, Artists, Writers and Advertisers had helped with their expertise and enthusiasm to put this issue together.


Beat Presser

Rolf Paltzer

Art Directors
Beat Presser, Rolf Paltzer

Technical Adviser
Ruedi Knoepfli

Cover Design
Cyril Kazis

5000 copies, 36 pages, black/white
size 28,5 x 40 cm on glossy paper
published in Basel, Switzerland
Winter 1977

Photography as Document

I have seen several poor creatures like this one being treated like animals at Maroccan fairs. I suspect them to be living fossils whose study would astonish the anthropologists. They are found in caves in the Atlas, so they say. Not many left I guess.

Photography by Brion Gysin in Marocco in 1952.


Photography is Art. Photography is expression….
Article about photography, whether it is an art or not and the intention and the idea behind „The Village Cry“.

Expressionism and Neoexpressionism

Photography by Beat Presser

Abstract Art

Photography: Francis Hoffmann


Photography above: “No Mean Feet“ by Jorge Zontal (The Image Bank, Vancouver)

Photography below: H.P. Schmid, Zürich


(On all issues three stars indicate an advertisement)
Hugo Scheiber, Musikant (Gouache, 1920)


Photography: Joan Fontcuberta


Eiffel Tower
Photography by Georg Stärk

Photography as a Document

Annabelle d‘Huart photographs and documents different stages of an Artwork by the French painter Louis Cane (Paris, May 1977).


These statements are the result of an interview with Ralph Gibson that Beat Presser recorded in July 1977 during „Les Rencontres d‘Arles Photographie.“

Ralph Gibson

„I am interested in characteristics“


„Bauhaus continues to have its influence…“

Photography by Ralph Gibson, New York


„I am thinking of Marcel Duchamp from who I have learnt a great deal…“

Photography by Ralph Gibson, New York