Already the second issue was launched under a new name: „The Village Cry“.

This name was derived from Marshall McLuhan‘s book „Global Village“ and its vision of future communication techniques.

We believed that – independent on their origin and location – cultural activities will be perceived anywhere in the world.

The paper was published from Basel, a small town somewhere in the North of Switzerland. We had something to say, but we needed to „Cry“ in order to get heard…


Beat Presser

Rolf Paltzer

Art Director
Beat Presser, Rolf Paltzer

Assistant Art Director
Ruedi Knoepfli

3000 copies, 54 pages, black/white
size 28,5 x 40 cm on glossy paper
published in Basel, Switzerland January/February 1977


The first issue of „The Village Cry“ was dedicated to fashion photography in Paris.

In collaboration with Laurence Sackmann, Peter Knapp, Claude Guillaumin, Pierre Commoy, Jo Francki, Doris Quarella, Gilles Bensimon, Christian Vogt, Lothar Schmid and the Roger Viollet Collection some of the best contemporary fashion photographers were presented in that particular issue.

Jean Cocteau et Jean Marais, „La Machine infernale“, Paris 1954 Collection: Roger Viollet, Paris

Eiffel Tower under construction. 178 m high on October 31st 1888 Collection: Roger Viollet

Edith Piaf, Paris (1957) Collection: Roger Viollet

„For fashion, there is only one place: Paris.“

All concentrates here, everything concerning fashion happens here.The cloths might be manufactured elsewhere, but the fashion is designed, shown, bought and presented in Paris. Here you will find the finest mannequins and the best fashion photographers.

Fashion is not where it is manufactured, it is were it is created. And I think it is created here in Paris. And the fashion is photographed here as well. And photography is the only way to go public with fashion“

Peter Knapp in an interview with Beat Presser for „The Village Cry“

„Moving Pictures“ by Peter Knapp for Courrèges. Ivory Coast, 1972

„Artists and models“ (part of a series) Photography: Laurence Sackman

Fashion during the 2nd World War. Ensemble R. Piquet. Collection: Roger Viollet

Anton Bruhin for Thema Selection. Design: Ursula Hodel Poem Anton Bruhin.

„Lady Shiva“ photographed by Doris Quarella

Advertisement for the magazine „DU“.

Project for a Museum of Modern Art in Basel by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron in preparation for the next issue of „The Village Cry“ on Architecture.

Photography: Ruedi Knoepfli